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The Skål Club of Bermuda is very pleased to host the 51st Skål NAASC in 2012 on our beautiful island home. Next year in fact will be thecelebrationof our own 50th anniversary and we hope to have some of the original members join us to recount some of the history of Skål in the region and also welcome you to Bermuda. Approximately only twenty square miles the whole island is considered the destination for any tourist visiting the island and all the properties co-operate and work to ensure that our visitors are treated well. For such a small place we have a very good selection of places to stay and some wonderful places to eat. Our position in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean does cause us to be a little isolated and adds to the cost of everything as we have to import it and the perception is that we are a little expensive to visit. In truth we are on a par with some of the more expensive Caribbean islands and the more developed cities around the world. Our short distance from the east coast of the US, less than two hours flying time means that you can leave New York at 09:00 am and be on the first tee of any of our fabulous golf courses by lunch time.


We look forward to meeting you in person in April 12 through 15, 2012 and hosting you in true Bermuda Skål style. We also encourage you to stay on after the event and really make a holiday of the trip!